Wet Leg’s debut LP is a raunchy, joyous treat and an instant rock & roll classic

3 thoughts on “Wet Leg’s debut LP is a raunchy, joyous treat and an instant rock & roll classic”

  1. This is something I wrote about the band’s fashions, but deleted it from the article because it was already quite long and I didn’t think it fit the flow:

    One of the first things you notice about Wet Leg is they have the image game locked down. They have a very distinctive aesthetic. I don’t have enough knowledge about fashion to go into depth, but I really like the “cottagecore” look they rock a lot of the time — the long, old-fashioned, beautifully patterned dresses made of calico and gingham and the like, which look especially good in the pastoral settings typically featured in their promo shots and videos. For their big moment at Glastonbury, they wore these lacy white frocks that were at once charming and slightly disturbing in a Picnic at Hanging Rock sort of way.

    I’m sure this image-consciousness is a big part of their reach; they are pop stars, and that’s fine with me. As I said, rock is also pop music, and always has been; and image has always been a part of it. Image and aesthetics played a huge part in, for example, the White Stripes’ and the Ramones’ successes. The Stripes’ fetish for red, white and black? C’mon, that was just fun as hell. However great their music was (and it was incomparably great), the aesthetics added something. The same is true of Wet Leg’s cottagecore. It’s delightful.


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